Friday, June 3, 2011

Snooze Cruise

I was recently livid. By recently, I mean about 45 minutes ago. I clicked my baby into the car seat, backed out of my driveway, and practically peeled away from my house...muttering all sorts of foul-mouthed oaths under my breath the whole time. But a funny thing happens once your child falls asleep...all that anger fades (slowly, this time, but it's fading all the same). I'd say I'm downgraded from livid to irritated.

My husband is out for the evening, which is fine. He doesn't go out much and he's such a great dad, I don't begrudge him the occasional evening out, especially since "out" for him involves sitting around at a friend's house playing video games or watching movies.

My little guy normally nurses to sleep around 7 every evening; I'm not saying it goes perfectly every evening, but typically, at some point in the 7 o'clock hour, my child sleeps. When hubby is out, I usually don't stress about bedtime too much and as a result things go pretty smoothly.

While most bedtimes are far from perfect, this past week has been hell. We got off track with the holiday weekend, and I've spent the rest of the week trying to undo the damage...easier said than done.

Last night was our best night; he nursed in bed and fell asleep around 8:30...tonight has been the worst. He fell asleep nursing around 7; I stupidly breathed a sigh of relief. Twenty minutes later, guess who was awake? He seemed relatively happy, so I figured, what the heck? and brought him down to the living room. His happiness lasted about 5 minutes. After that, he cried whether he was sitting on the floor with his toys, sitting in my lap, playing on the bed, snuggled up with me on the bed...he cried...cried tears all the time, no matter what. This was about when I switched gears from irritated/annoyed to so pissed I became a public nuisance.

Once we took off in the Jeep, he was out like a light. A twenty minute drive on which I cooled down while pondering my favorite type of chips, my baby fell asleep and I realized I need new glasses.


  1. Sometimes a good drive is what we need to calm us down. It separates us from our child (him in the back and us in the front seat) but doesn't leave anyone in danger (unless you're a crazy driver, but I don't assume you are) :) Hang in there. With the crazy holiday schedule, there could have also been a growth spurt. it'll all even out again soon. *just long enough for you to get into a good routine again and then he'll change it up on you :)

  2. my driving calmed down pretty quickly...and he stopped crying before i was even out of the driveway. i still ended up nursing him on the couch b/c he woke up sitting in the carseat. he's cutting his top teeth, so that's not helping, but i don't know if there's something more going on or not. he just seems very restless in his sleep lately.