Sunday, December 25, 2011

Moments from Christmas, 2011

Having a little child changes your perspective on the holidays. You start to realize that things have shifted drastically and now you get to create magic for your children instead of waiting for the magic to happen to you.

This wasn't our first Christmas as parents, but it was the first that our little guy was able to run around with family, enjoy new presents and have a lot of fun. It was the first that we sat in the living room assembling toys on Christmas Eve, hoping that the little guy was thrilled on Christmas morning. It was the first that we saw that look of wonder in his eye as we came down the stairs to see what Santa had left for him.

So now, it's all over. He had a great time. He got some really awesome presents, but more importantly, we made some really fantastic memories as a family. Ones that I hope stay with us forever. So even though my house is mess, I've gained ten pounds and I'm exhausted, I'm so very happy with everything in my world today.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the past two days. I hope everyone else had a magical day...we'll do it all again a year from now.

-Sitting in my father's TV room with my niece who is getting repeated calls from Santa on her little Barbie cell phone.

-Getting updates from my sister's Santa-tracker app as he crossed through Africa and Europe on his way to the States.

-Setting up my son's new toys and things as he slept upstairs, imagining his expression when we came down in the morning.

-My niece looking me in the eye as I fixed her hair, telling me, "I love when you brush my hair."

-Again, my niece looking me in the eye and saying, "You're my friend," as we read stories on her new Dora chair.

-My son deciding that the $2 ball we got as a stocking stuffer was the best toy of the holiday.

-My son and his little cousin running around after each other shouting at each in baby babble and giggling fiercely.

-My son, sound asleep after a long day.

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