Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crib Sleeper!

So about two weeks ago, dear hubby decided it was time to move my boy into his crib. As we'd been going on a two or three week stretch of bad sleep, I wasn't at all opposed to the idea.

As long as we weren't letting him cry it out, I figured this would be good for all of us. The first night he slept for about four hours in the crib, then woke up wanting to nurse. I was about to go to bed myself, so I just brought him with me and called four hours a successful first night.

The second night, I was at work and he went down for hubby without a complaint, and again slept about four hours.

The third night, I cried my eyes out thinking about my big boy and imagining all the various ways he would pull away from me now that he's Mr. Independent Sleeper.

Fast forward to right now...we've had some rough spots and I have had to remind myself that so much of parenting is a one step forward, two step backward kind of process. He is right at this moment napping in the crib. He's been there for about an hour and I expect him to wake up at any moment.

He's only been napping about an hour at a stretch in the crib, so we are attempting to go back to two naps a day to get him the sleep he needs. I'm hoping that once we get naps back to a better and fuller schedule, nighttime sleep will follow and he'll start to see that there's nothing scary about the crib and he can sleep there all night.

In his 14 months of life, he's never once slept through the night, so I'm hoping that the time for that is coming. Of course, that will be the night that I get no sleep as I'll constantly be up to check on him.

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