Thursday, November 17, 2011's been a while

Going back to work has certainly put a damper on my blogging. It's so hard to manage work, housework and the baby, let alone adding in extras like this blog.

I do miss writing and updating the world on my little guy.

Here's the update...he's standing independently now, he's taken a couple steps here or there, but nothing consistent. He's also taken to being a pill in new and different ways. We've finally gotten our old sleep issues under control, but now he doesn't like to let me sit on the couch and veg out on the computer.

Anytime I open up the laptop, he's right on it like a bear on honey. He also gets mad when we don't let him stand up in the bathtub. And he thinks it's unreasonably unfair that we won't let him go up and down the stairs.

I'm going to try and make a commitment to write more. My very few fans will be so happy!

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