Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food Log Mulligan

I had the dubious pleasure of getting a urine sample from my little Button yesterday. He was rewarded for being a good sport by having some of mama's blizzard...good stuff.

Today, I dropped off his food log and the urine sample at the pediatrician's office. The good UTI or kidney issues. They are sending out the sample for a culture, but the quick dip test they did came back clean.

I had thought that my food log was complete and pretty thorough, but apparently, I was wrong. The doctor wants me to be more precise in the amounts he's eating. In other words, I have to count cheerios and ounces of yogurt.

The good news from my perspective is that he looks fatter already. I've always noticed that his arms look really skinny, and I swear they look a little pudgier already.

Full fat yogurt, buttered cheese toast and ice cream...yum. I know lots of people who wish they were on this kid's diet.

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