Monday, April 25, 2011

Mama-ing While Sick

For the past few days, I've had a cold. I tend to go long stretches without getting a cold, then I forget how miserable they are. This leads me to think that others (ahem, my husband) are exaggerating when they complain about not feeling well.

Luckily, I tend to bounce back pretty quickly. I started feeling bad on Thursday night; I was legitimately sick by Friday and over the weekend, I dragged myself around by sheer will. If it hadn't been a holiday weekend, I would have sat on my couch in sweats the whole time. Hubby would have tended to the baby for all but nursing sessions and I'd probably be feeling pretty decent again by now.

But instead, I was forced to go and see people and pretend that I felt perfectly normal and that I wasn't going to sneeze or drip snot on anyone.

I really wish it hadn't been a holiday.

At least I woke up today feeling marginally better. I could breath through my nose when I first woke up, so that was immediately a plus. I even went and got a haircut today and cooked dinner (don't tell hubby I coughed all over the celery...and if you come for a visit, you might want to steer clear of the chili).

Anyway, the point (roundabout though it may be) of this post is to say that it's hard to be a mom while sick. I mean, try to tell the baby that mommy doesn't feel well and he's likely to giggle and pull my hair then immediately insist on having more milk. He doesn't know, and if he did, I'm not sure how much he would care...maybe those with older kids can weigh in on how sympathetic kids are when their parents are sick.

But I'm on the mend...and I've scheduled this cold to leave my system by Wednesday at the latest...if it lingers any longer, I'll have to put my foot down.

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