Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Was All Going So Well...

It was a lovely day in Mommy-land.

Button napped like a little angel this morning. I had time to clean the kitchen and throw in some laundry. I even made some pea puree as the baby's next new food. Just as he woke up from his nice long nap, my niece and nephew came over while my sister ran errands and we sat outside and played. It was perfect timing as he was itching to play and the children are way more interesting to him than boring old mom.

He didn't nap as well in the afternoon, but he played in his jumparoo happily and I had time to make dinner ahead of time. So when the witching hour came around, all I had to do was throw the meatloaf in the oven and get right back to the baby....

All beautiful.

After dinner, Daddy gave him a bath; I took him upstairs and he fell asleep pretty quickly. He even slept through my dry hacking cough...but then I shifted my weight as I tried to sneak away. Well, that was too much apparently. The hacking cough was fine...god forbid I should move slightly.

Now here he sits on his Daddy's lap, wide awake and ready for fun.

Wish me luck...I think it's time for bedtime, take 2.

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