Friday, June 8, 2012

The Perils of the Digital Age

Yesterday I took my son to the park for a play-date with a friend and her son. It was a gorgeous day, low seventies and ample sunshine. The boys played on the playground, we took a walk around the aviary, then had a picnic lunch.

In between all of that, the coffee-slugging mamas had to use the restroom. But my child was getting hungry and crabby, so as a distraction while I used the bathroom, I gave him my cell phone to play with. As I rounded the corner walking away from him, I saw him toss it on the ground. I thought to myself, let me just pee real quick, and then I'll grab it.

Do you think I remembered to do that?

The next time I even thought about my phone was when we were packing to go home. Of course, my friend had already left so I couldn't enlist her help to either help me look for it or stay with the boys while I frantically retraced all our steps.

So I drove down to the entrance booth (it's a big park) and asked if anyone had turned it in...nope. So I drove back up to the playground area and looked where he dropped it...nope. Long story short, I looked everywhere we'd been even though I knew where it had gotten lost. I asked the parents on the playground if they'd found a cell phone laying around...nope.

I'm still hoping it got turned in before the park closed yesterday. But since I don't have a home phone, I have to wait until my mom comes over so I can call from her phone.

At first, my only thought was about the inconvenience of being without a phone for a bit. But then I realized I have hundreds of pictures of my son, my nephews, my niece and plenty of friends on there. So not only am I missing all my pictures, but who know who has my phone. What if some sicko is looking at pictures of my little guy...worse, pictures of me nursing my little guy? Not to mention all the names, addresses and phone number of friends and family that are in there.

I'm still hopeful that I'll call today and they'll have it, but if not, I guess it's a new phone for me. Next time, I'll save all my pictures somehow.

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