Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WBW, Post 3

My little nursling is a curious creature. I love that he takes such an interest in his world. He loves to look at his cousins (or any kids, for that matter) and he likes to go outside and take in the world around him.

The only trouble is that taking in the world is, in his mind, something that can be done while he nurses. Mama disagrees.

Because of this basic disagreement between our worldviews, I often find myself alone while nursing. I don't like this for several reasons. First of all, I like to be around people too and as adorable as my little Button is, I sometimes like to talk to grown-ups. Second (and more importantly), I think it's important for other nursing moms to see women nursing in public (NIP, in Internet shorthand).

I'm lucky that I know a large and supportive network of nursing moms, most of whom have never batted an eye about NIP. Because of this, I've felt pretty comfortable nursing my little guy wherever and whenever he needs...something I wasn't expecting. I fully expected to use a cover in the name of my own modesty. But when it comes down to it, I expose very little of my anatomy when I NIP. I end up feeling much more conspicuous when I use something to cover us.

So my point is, I don't like that I have to hide away when I nurse, and I like for people to know that I don't do it out of a sense of modesty or from some sort of societal pressure. The truth is, if I don't nurse in a quiet, dim baby won't eat. And lord knows, this child needs to eat!

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