Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nurse In

So next week, May 31 to be exact, there is a nurse-in here in my home state of Connecticut. I really want to go, but it's all the way in Trumbull, which is pretty far from my part of the state.

The thing is, I've wanted to go to a nurse in since before I was even a nursing mother. There are very few things about which I am passionate enough to support through activism. I didn't even do the Great Cloth Diaper Change last month...though I'm sure I changed my fair share of cloth diapers that day.

Anyway, my point is...I'm torn. A mother who was doing the best for her child was made to feel ashamed or embarrassed because some mall security guard wasn't familiar with Connecticut's nursing laws (which, by the way are very mother/child friendly). But on the other hand, it's a pretty far drive and my little nursling hasn't been too fond of the car lately.

I'm on the fence and I think I will stay there until the 31st rolls around and I see how the day plays out. Of course, that is my husband's birthday and I haven't gotten him anything yet and the nurse-in is at a mall...

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